Download / Installation Questions

We've compiled a list of our most common questions from customers. Please click on a question to see it's answer.

  • How do I install iOS 15 beta?


    You should only try to install iOS 15 once you've placed an order here, and you have received your Activation Confirmation email. This email will contain installation instructions for iOS 15 beta. We advise you to follow these instructions exactly as they are written, to prevent errors from occurring.

  • Where can I download iOS 15 beta?


    For legal reasons, we do not host iOS 15 beta firmware files anywhere on our website. Instead, we provide suggested download links to reputable mirror sites which provide the files needed to download iOS 15.

  • Do I need a Mac to install iOS 15 beta?


    No. You can use a Mac or a PC to install iOS 15, and we provide installation instructions for both platforms.

  • Help, I'm getting an error message!


    Please go to our error message support page for information on our most commonly error messages.

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